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This product is 60ML Leche Con Cafe vanilla coffee, is said to be in the United States there is very good to sell a smoke. The taste of the coffee oil products always make a lot of friends worry two is nothing more than “sweet” and “carbon”, then the Cafe Con Leche shared today will not appear these problems?The label is clear on the package, 3MG concentration and 60ML capacity, this plastic bottle is very convenient. Compared to a lot of coffee to open a bottle of smoke aroma, the Cafe Con Leche to open the bottle when only a hint of coffee mixed with milk taste, your first reaction would say: “we should not be too sweet”. Click here
The smoke a lot of coffee tastes very fragrant, but many people feel too sweet.Recently, the daily basic is to use LAVA RTA collocation ALIEN host, then this share is based on this device, LAVA RTA data for 24G A1/2.5 circle diameter /7 circle.
When the smoke is inhaled, you can clearly distinguish between the two kinds of aroma of coffee, milk, the kind of slight sweet, even you need to carefully taste to find. It has a smooth entrance and is more fragrant when the smoke spits out, but the taste of the coffee beans is weakened by bitterness and astringent. Instead, it displays more of a cup of smooth latte after the milk blended coffee.
In the process of completely unnoticed vanilla mixing, perhaps this e liquid should be called white coffee or latte.

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As the taste of the coffee oil products, this product may be due to the “sweet” degree of control, it is not with the taste of the coffee as carbon smoke most quickly, it is to be happy.

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The official slogan “Cup of Vanilla Coffee Beans with Milk poured on” actually has the smoke taste described as pretty subtle, and not slippery Shun use taste too sweet experience will make a lot of friends will be included in the rations in it.

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